Chores are a Bore no More

Laundry. It sucks. We all don't want to do it. But with 2 kids, a dog, a husband, and a never-ending stream of houseguests, I end up doing laundry a lot. I joked with a friend that if I ever wrote a memoir I would title it 'A life in Cycles.' That's how much laundry I do. 

SO in an effort to make my laundry life a little more enjoyable, I renovated and decorated my laundry room. I use the term 'room' loosely, since its really just an oversized closet. But every room deserves some love, especially ones that get a lot of use. 

Emily Tucker Design | Evergreen Ranch

I didn't have big bucks to spend on this little room, but I knew I wanted a big impact. So I went with an inexpensive porcelain floor tile in 2 colors, and had it laid in a stripe. I went bold with the cabinets and painted them in this wine color, and then finished off the whole lewk with some cute hardware from Anthropologie. 

So there you have it. If you don't like doing something, just redecorate. 

That Perfect Shade of White

How often have you looked at a space and said "wow, that room just looks so fresh." Well that's probably because it was painted a great shade of WHITE. 

Yup, sometimes us fancy designers just need to pick white as a background. So, here are some of my absolute favorite white paint colors. 

Emily Tucker Design | Seminary Road

In this entry we used a couple shades of white, to give some depth, but not too much. Colors are as follows;

Walls: Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

Trim: Benjamin Moore Dove Wing OC-18

Emily Tucker Design | Seminary Road

You probably glanced at this image and was like 'Ummmm that's a pink room,' and you would be right! Kind of...The TRIM is pink. But the walls are- you guessed it- white! 

Walls: Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake OC-59

Pro tip: Painting the trim is a great way to give a room color, whiteout overwhelming it. This pink trim gives the room just enough context, in which to place the other furniture. 

Second pro tip: if you have a certain accent color, like pink in this case, pick a ceiling color that is a complement. Follow along- Accent color is pink, complement color is green (bed color) so the ceiling color in this room is white, with a slightly green tinge. It gives just enough contrast to make the pink pop a little bit more. 

Emily Tucker Design | Seminary Road

Last but not least, the walls in this bathroom are my favorite shade of white. Its fresh, takes on the color of the room, and is just nice. 

Walls and Vanity: Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22